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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Glorious Ipoh Food

On the second last day of our stay in Ipoh, hubby tar paued back all my favorite Ipoh hawkers' food from the well-known Kwong Heng coffee shop and Tien Chun coffee shop in Old Town. Also tar paued my favorite dim sum from the popular decades-old Foh San Restaurant (located opposite Funny Mountain tau fu fah and soy bean milk)


Dim sum from Foh San. I love the malai koa to bits. Also love their huge fried fishballs. I used to eat these yonks ago when I was just a few years old.

Kai see sar hor fun with prawns...

Lobak. I think this lobak tasted better than the one that hubby bought in Penang, during our stay in the hospital.

Ngau lam and ngau chap (beef brisket and beef spare parts). I love the beef brisket as the meat is really tender. I don't eat spare parts of any animal!

and also char koay teow (not in picture).
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