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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hospital Food

In the hospital that we stayed in, food is charged separately from the room charges. A single room costs RM330 per night and food is RM55 per day. It consists of:

Breakfast - I always chose omelette, 2 slice of white bread, butter, strawberry jam and Milo.

Mid-morning breakfast consisting of homemade soy bean milk.

Lunch - choice of Western, Chinese or Malay.

Afternoon snack - wholemeal muffin, sandwiches, egg tart, buns or cake with a cup of barley or Milo.

Dinner - choice of Western, Chinese or Malay.

Supper - A cup of Milo.

I normally shared my meals with my maid as the portion was quite big. My maid got to drink all the Milo.

These are some of the dishes that I ate during my 3-week stay in the hospital :

Western set - roast chicken with cauliflower, brocolli and mashed potatoes, blended spinach soup (quite tasty but I couldn't bring myself to finish the bowl of soup coz it really looked like baby C's green bile vomit!), 2 slices of bread with butter and papaya for dessert.

Chinese set - stir-fried turmeric chicken slices with rice and veggie, ABC soup and cut apples for dessert.

Western set again - a huge slice of pan-fried ikan tenggiri, potato salad and baked beans with veggie (funny combo eh?). In fact, many of the dishes were cooked in wierd combination.

Though the food tasted kinda bland (well, they are all cooked for sick people, can't expect MSG and salty food right?), I would say they were all of good quality and tasty enough for me and my maid to polish everything off, most of the time.
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