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Monday, June 15, 2009

Ipoh Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah

This bowl of tau fu fah (豆腐花), or soybean curd looks pretty run-of-the-mill right? But the moment this super smooth tau fu fah touches your tongue and goes down your throat, you will feel the difference. It's by far the smoothest and freshest tau fu fah I've ever tasted. When I was in Ipoh recently, I finally got to eat the super smooth and fresh tau fu fah from the well-kwown Funny Mountain not once but twice :D It is served steaming hot with pandan syrup but I always eat my tau fu fah without any sugar.

Funny Mountain is located at Osbourne Street (Jalan Tahwil Azar), near Restaurant Foh San. Talk about Foh San, it is a popular place for dim sum in Ipoh and this restaurant has been around for many decades. I shall blog about the Foh San dim sum that I ate next.

Funny Mountain has a drive-in delivery service. If you are at Funny Mountain, you should also try the following delicious varieties:
o soymilk only (with plain sugar or gula melaka)
o soymilk mixed with cincau or leong fun
o soybean curd with soymilk.

Also be prepared to be caught in a long queue when you are at Funny Mountain.

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