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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maid Woes, Part II

Yesterday morning, I called up my maid agent again… just to remind her to look into our case and to let her know how pressing this matter is. I was so cheesed off when she informed me that she’s still locating my maid’s file and from the way she sounded, it looks as though her ex-hubby had lost my maid’s file! Not only had he lost my maid’s passport, the file is even lost. So how now brown cow? I almost wanted to utter out the words that I will report this matter to the police but then again, I seem to have a bleeding heart for single mums like her whose useless hubby had cabut and left her in a lurch. She said she will get the help of someone from the Immigration Dept to locate my maid’s passport. But a few other issues are still screwed up, thanks to her crook ex. If those issues are not sorted out, my maid would have to be deported right away. Because of that crook, my hubby and I have to suffer so much inconvenience, loss of a lot of money and loss of our precious time. Life will be really miserable for me without anyone helping me out. I really need someone who can spend several hours a day to help me to spoon-feed Baby C her formula milk and her 3 meals, to watch over her like a hawk as she is now super mobile (walking and climbing on everything and anything) and minding Baby C while I attend to my 2 older gals and coach them in their homework.

I seem like a whiner here, don’t I? I really wonder how some mums can raise their kids without a maid and not whine a bit.

to be continued....
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