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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Maid Woes

We are in deep trouble. We have a big issue with our maid agency who has most likely lost our maid's passport and with some other issues. Our maid agency was owned by a husband-wife team but the hubby cabut (they divorced and I don't know if he absconded, jailed or was a womanizer) and my maid's case was handled by the hubby. Now the wife is telling me that her ex could have lost our maid's passport as he had also lost a handful of other people's maids' passports.

Anyway, long story cut short, we would have to be forced to send our maid back to Indon if our problem is not remediable. And we would be maid-less. And no, hubby doesn't want Cambodian maids since we had very bad experience with them. And yes, we can't afford a Filipina maid as we still have to settle our huge medical/hospitalization bill incurred by Baby C recently. So yes, I will go bonkers soon without a maid. I'll know what's happening by next week. Wish me luck that I can retain my existing maid. Though she has attitude problem, I still can live with that vs. living without a maid.
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