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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Thursday

Hubby and I had planned to return to KL today BUT as usual, Alycia and Sherilyn have been having so much fun in Ipoh with koong koong and granny that they didn't want to go back to KL. Surely they love being in Ipoh coz koong koong buys them ice-cream everyday. Last Sunday they followed koong koong to Tesco and gosh, they took advantage of koong koong's generosity and leniency towards them (coz koong koong is another yes man to them, next to daddy)... and filled the shopping cart with junk food! Koong Koong was more than happy to see his 2 doting granddaughters being happy and enjoying his company.

Anyway, this morning, we were still planning to go back to KL. While hubby brought Alycia and Sherilyn out for breakfast, I was busy packing our stuff. But when hubby returned home with the gals, he announced that our trip back to KL will be tomorrow morning pulak! So ok, my maid then placed all our belongings (which we have placed all over the floor in our living room) back into the room and then we had lunch..... glorious Ipoh food that hubby tar pau back from Kwong Heng coffee shop in Ipoh old town.

Later, daddy may bring them to Polo Ground to have electronic car rides. I hope I get to jog at Polo Ground. Polo Ground is really a nice place to jog and there's always throngs of people jogging there. But people will shun away from Polo Ground at night coz it's just next to a huge graveyard!
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