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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Driving Me Dizzy

This little rascal is driving me dizzy each day with her never-ending daredevil stunts, climbing, jumping, rummaging through our drawers and closets and touching things that she ain't supposed to. Here she is caught in action:

First she pushed 2 stools to the dining table chair, then climbed up the yellow chair, from the yellow chair, crossed over to the green stool and from the green stool, climbed up the dining table chair. She found this so fun and challenging, like an obstacle course in an adventure camp.

She then sat on the dining table chair and flipped through my newspapers, as if she knew how to read them!

From the dining table chair, she proceeded to the next obstacle and she got hit on the hand for meddling with mummy's keyboard. One time, she pushed the shut down button on my computer and shut down my computer, with my data all unsaved.

Minutes later, she climbed up the couch and gave me another heart-stirring moment when she did multiple forward rolls. From the couch, she climbed down and wanted to do forward rolls on the cold hard floor!! I whacked her bump and she ran to the bedroom, climbed up the bed and did more forward rolls - from the bed rolling down to the mattress on the floor. Yesterday, she did several rounds of diving from the bed onto the mattress on the floor. She went on and on and didn't want to take her afternoon nap. I was so burnt out standing guard behind her that I went to my bed and fell asleep first... with her standing on my pillow and her itchy hands meddling with the clocks on our bead headboard. She finally dozed off at 6ish pm, phew....


mommy to chumsy said...

oh boy. she is very daring and full of tricks. i bet she doesn't sit still huh?

Merryn said...

lol. my heart stopped just reading this post. hahaha.. goodness.. she's so cute! lol..

CH@@NG said...

gosh, hahaha, again, i can't stop laughing, cassandra is just super cute man!! but i know how hard it is for you, cos, i'm imagining and putting myself in your shoe...
if you find a solution one day, do tell me...
seems like she's even naughtier than my nephew man!!