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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lip Smacking, Bone Licking Fried Fish

What can really light up Alycia and Sherilyn's face is when they see a plate piled up with fried fish on the dining table. Alycia used to love eating chicken and pork when she was younger but lately, she has fallen out of love with the bird and hog. Instead, she loves fish now, especially fried fish or steamed cod fish, salmon or seabass fish. When there's fried fish for dinner, there will surely be shouts of "hooray and yummy" from my 2 brats. They've got expensive taste too, prefering to eat only expensive steamed fish... but of course, they don't get to eat salmon, cod fish and seabass everyweek. Daddy and mummy will go pokai lidat!

Here's how Alycia prefers to eat her fish - WYSIWYG, that is the whole fish, complete with the bones. And she can debone the fish pretty neatly too, eating only the meat.
With her fingers, she dug out every bit of meat from the fish bones....

... and licked the plate used to place the fish clean too, so clean that I don't even need to wash it haha!


coffeesncookies said...

hahaha ! fall out of love with the chick n hog. In fact, fish is a lot more healthier.. good dat the girls like it. You know what? I actually love those not-so-expensive fishes, fried to the bone. Hubs will grind and crunch the fins, bones, head and all... LOL !

LittleLamb said...

good good. at least no meat go to waste.

Debbie Y said...

wow... i can't believe she can eat till that 'clean'. Most of time, children don't really love 'FISH'.

ryeli said...

how i wish rye li loves fish, she hates it!

so cute alycia - i used to lick my plate clean too when i was younger (maybe a few times in my adulthood too!) :)