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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Red Wine Infused Cranberries And Walnut Rye Bread

My mil baked 3 loafs of red wine infused cranberries and walnut rye bread last week. It was one of the tastiest breads I had tasted. But the process of baking the bread is rather tedious and long. The day before, she made the first batch of dough and let it prove/ferment in the fridge for 17 hours. The following day, which was 17 hours later, she made another batch of dough and mixed it to the first batch and let them prove for another 45 minutes before putting the dough into the oven for baking. She also boiled the cranberries in a pot of red wine on a stove before adding the cranberries into the dough.

The final dough fermenting....

The delish bread, fresh from the oven. The aroma of hot bread fresh from the oven can really make your tummy rumble!

Bursting with red wine infused cranberries and walnuts. It's so tasty that we don't even have to put any jam or bread spread on the bread. Yesterday, she baked carrot bread with sunflower seeds. I hope she will bake this cranberry-walnut bread again this week!
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