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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally After 27 Months

For 2 years 3 months, I had not had my menses as I was and is still breastfeeding Baby. Over the past 1-2 weeks, my milk factory has sort of shut down by default. It sort of wants to tell Baby to stay away from mummy's boobies as she's getting older now. 2 days ago, my menses came back after 27 long months of experiencing menopausal symptoms!

When Baby saw the pad stuck to my panty, she was terrified! She kept saying "What's that on your panty? I don't want!" I guess the pad reminded her of some pads used after her surgery. Her memory is very good and she still remembers the hospital, the X-ray rooms and I think she still remembers her 3-week stay in the hospital after her surgery last year.

Yesterday, she saw the red stuff when I was in the bathroom. She showers with me together everyday. She was both stunned and curious.

BBC - why got blood? Cheh cheh hit you?

Me - no....

BBC - lizard bit you?

Me - no....

BBC - cockroach bit you?

Me - no....

BBC - why (got blood)?

LOL!!!! She's too cute with all her questions and expressions. Naive and simply adorable.
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