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Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Homecooked Dishes

Though super busy with my online store, I sill cook for my kids - twice a day and I find it very taxing and time consuming. Though I have a helper, she just cannot get it right whenever I leave it to her entirely to cook. She will surely screw up something like putting chopped tomatos and onions (meant for cooking spaghetti sauce) into our pot of herbal soup!

So I've decided that from tomorrow, I will cater food for dinner. I'll try out for one month and see how it goes. According to this caterer, all her dishes are free from MSG. I'll see....

Here are some of the dishes that I whipped up last week:

Fish coated with turmeric powder and pan-fried. My kids lurve this crispy fish!

Chicken cooked ala Hainanese style with big onions and canned peas, seasoned with pepper, salt and Lea & Perrin sauce.

Square fried tofu cooked with minced chicken breast and fresh shiitake mushrooms.

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