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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Self Entertainment

These days, Baby can entertain herself when I am too busy to entertain her. I'll just have to close one eye when she takes stuff from the kitchen to play with, like this:

Well, as long as she ain't playing with a fork, knife, scissors or anything breakable, anything is A-ok with me.... as long as she can give me 1/2 an hour of time to do some serious stuff on my computer, anything is A-ok with me haha!

And sometimes when I desperately need 15 minutes to draft an adv to submit to the advertiser before the deadline, I'd even close 2 eyes when she strews my papers everywhere on the floor....

But this fler is a sweet and thoughtful little girl... she would pick up all the papers... piece by piece when asked to clean up the mess after she's done with the excitement of strewing them everywhere!
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