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Friday, August 13, 2010

Things That Only Sherilyn Will Do!

One of the things that only rascal #2 will do is to eat with her hands and mind you, it's not the refined hand-eating method like some people do. She would place the rice on her palm, then squeeze the rice as if she were making sushi or preparing dough... and after playing with her rice + dishes, she will put the yucky looking food into her mouth. This fler is known to take hours to finish her food but with food-playing, she can finish her food in a jiffy and she enjoys it too! Are all hyper-active and inquisitive kids like this?

And she even eats her porridge with her hands! GAWD... I was shocked to see her do it and this, I reprimanded her!

Rascal #2 eating rice with turmeric chicken. Can you see how terribly messy it is? And the worst part is she will scratch her head with her oily hands and send me yelling at her.. That's why she needs to shampoo her hair twice a day.

Kek sei ngor mou you say??!
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