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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ups And Downs Of Running An Online Store

Yesterday was the first day I started selling sandals and ladies shoes in my blogshop. Response has been pretty good. Barely 5 minutes after uploading the pictures, I had already received orders. My good blogger friend advised me to state clearly in my website that these are only RM36 shoes, thus customers should not expect to receive Privo quality shoes. I have been really upset and hurt by one customer whom I considered my friend for writing negative remarks indirectly about my online store in her blog. She had only paid RM37 for a dress (with free postage) and was disappointed when she did not expect the kind of superb quality in her dress. Most of my customers are easy-going and about 70% of them are return customers. I have a good number of customer who have been supporting me ever since I started my business. Well, in business you’ll get good customers and difficult customers. For those difficult customers, you just have to deal with them with a pinch of salt. Business has to go on.
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