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Friday, February 4, 2011

Dog Lover

On the eve of Chinese New Year, my hubs brought me for a foot reflexology session. The foot reflexology center is housed in a very run down shop house located at Jalan Imbi but the foot reflexologist is really good. This man claims that he can cure people of ailments including cancer. My hubs often goes to this center to have his achy joints loosened up and pains on his legs removed by the foot reflexologist after his basketball matches. Before we left the center, we found out that this man is a dog lover. He reared 2 dogs in his run down shop cum house. When he called out to his dogs, I was looking everywhere for a dog cage or perhaps some dog beds but I was shocked when I saw the dogs appearing from the bedrooms. The dogs actually slept with his children in the room or perhaps on their beds! Though I am a dog lover, I would never allow my dogs to sleep in my room!
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