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Thursday, February 10, 2011

No More Spoon-Feeding

I have been spoon-feeding Cassandra her milk thrice a day ever since she was a year old. She will turn 3yo in April 2011. For those of you who have gone through the throes of spoon-feeding milk to your toddler, you will know that it ain't an easy task. It takes lots of patience and time and for me, I need the tellie to distract her too! That's one of the cons of breastfeeding your baby direct from your boops without the use of a bottle. Most babies who are exclusively directly breastfed will reject the bottle.

I tried to introduce the straw to Cassandra about a year ago but she didn't like it. It's only recently that she got attracted to the straw. Now, I no longer need to painstakingly spoon-feed her milk 3x/day and 1x Nutrifresh-Refresh daily. Just give her the straw and she will happily suck all the contents and of course with some blowing and playing with the straw but that's A OK, as long as I don't need to spoon feed her. Keeping my fingers crossed that the novelty of the straw will not wear off on her!!

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