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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our CNY Eve Dinner

I think it is a norm for every Chinese family to have tai yue tai yoke (big fish, big meat) dishes during CNY. As with every CNY reunion dinner, our dining table was filled with plates and plates of meat dishes and only 1 plate of veggie dish on our CNY reunion dinner last night.

For the first time, hubs bought a pre-packed of yee sang from Jusco BUT it tasted awful. The crispies tasted rancid and the colored pickles and veggie tasted weird. The whole plate of yee sang went into the bin.

A big, fat chunk of siew yoke (roast pork belly) with crispy skin which cost over RM20 from our favorite Sing Kee Kitchen restaurant.

Everyone's favorite kon cheen har loke (shallow fried big prawns with soy sauce and Chinese wine)...

Waxed meat - a must-have for CNY. Damn salty but damn appetite whetting. I especially love the cholesterol and high blood pressure inducing siew cheong (sausages made of intestines and wine). Steam these waxed meat together with rice and I am sure you will gulp down bowls and bowls of the aromatic rice.

Steamed promfret fish - Baby's favorite...

Braised sea cucumber with dried scallops, mushrooms and chicken feet. I was surprised that Baby loved the sea cucumber, a dish which not many kids will fancy because of the texture of the sea cucumber.

Steamed yeam kai (castrated chicken). What's unique about this bird which cost over RM150 each is that the taste and texture of the chicken are of superior quality. It has the aroma of chicken and the meat is firm.

My mil also boiled a pot of good soup with abalones, dried scallops, 3 chicken carcasses and wai san.
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