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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Princess Cake For A Princess Wannabe

We had the third celebration for Sherilyn's 6th birthday last night. It was a joint celebration with her little aunt who will turn 8yo this month. And it was a 3-day belated one for Sherilyn. When daddy opened the box cover to unveil the cake, my princess' jaw almost dropped as she gasped and exclaimed "Oh... my... GOD!" LOL!!! She was absolutely besotted and pleased with her princess jelly cake in rainbow color, her favorite set of colors.

Daddy even bought special candles that lit up like sparklers for the ceremonial cake cutting session.... and oh yes, we even let out firecrackers and the girls played with sparklers.

A very pleased princess with her rainbow princess jelly cake. And I think she was indeed treated like a true princess with 3 celebrations and showered with lots of pressies! She's way luckier than I was when I was her age!
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