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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Very Prepared Lil' Missy

Sherilyn may be a champion in dilly dallying but she is very well prepared for outings and trips. Each time we make a trip back to Ipoh and Penang, she will pack her own bag, not forgetting her lil' missy vanity bag which she keeps her bunch of hair accessories, costume jewelry, hair comb, a pair of two of sunnies, books, coloring books, pencils and all that jazz.

Whenever we go shopping or out for a meal, she will pack her sling back with some papers, a book, coloring book, color pencils, crayons, a few pens (so that she can let her sisters use), a cardigan or a dainty shawl, some hair accessories and anything that you can think of that a vain pot would stuff in her bag!

Oh yes, I missed out ruler! She even brought along a ruler when we went to Magnificent Fish And Chips for lunch!
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