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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baby's Singing Prowess

Baby's next favorite pass time is creating her own songs and belting them out, complete with some twists to her waist and butt. This girl is really good with her words and lyrics, though at times the tune would go a bit out. She can create songs related to just about anything from her family to a song about snakes (that's because we recently witnessed the guards at our condo catching and killing a long snake at our condo!)

Yesterday, she created a song called "My Family", which goes like this, to the tune of Auld Lang Sye:

I love my family
Because they bring me everywhere
I love my mummy
I love my daddy
I love everyone
Because they are my family.

Baby - mummy, how do you like my song? It's "My Family" song. Cool eh? Did I sing well?

Me - yes, very nice and very cool!

LOL! Not bad for a 3.5YO girl who has not even started pre school yet eh?
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