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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Breakfast For A Health Freak Mom

The hubs got me my favorite brand of cheese from Bangsar Village on Sunday. The brand Food For Friends is synonymous with healthy food and organic food. I love their range of organic tortilla chips. And I found out on Sunday that Food For Friends even have a range of cheeses - low sodium ones that is, and I'm excited! My girls love cheeses but I am not too keen to feed them with too much cheeses as they are loaded with sodium and preservatives. But Food For Friends cheese is not salty and have very little ingredients, so I don't feel the guilt when giving them this brand of cheese. Yeap, the lesser the ingredients in any food label, the more natural the food is.

So this has been my breakfast for the past 2 days:

Food For Friend cheese on a slice of toasted Anzen organic bread, topped with sweet pineapples. Very quaint combination eh? But it's tasty!

Check out the label - only a short list of ingredients, which iLike!

Cheese on toast in the toaster...

A health freak mom's breakkie! Even my 3.5YO toddler likes it, healthy eh?
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