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Thursday, January 12, 2012

En Ginza Cafe @ Tokyo Street, Pavillion KL

My foodie hubs who is in the food and beverage business loves trying out food at new places and places that he has never been to. After having known him for over 20 years, I have gone to countless numbers of eateries, restaurants, 'tai chau' places, fine dine restaurants and shack-like damn good food places with him. And our eating jaunt is still on-going... with him growing side ways and forward and me maintaining a still svelte figure *cough cough*

When we were at Tokyo Street on the 2nd day of the New Year, we had our second lunch for the day at Ginza Cafe. I told the hubs that I was not interested in another lunch but my hubby just being him, went ahead and ordered a plate of seafood spaghetti and a big juicy burger! I tried hard to refrain from pecking on the food as I was still pretty stuffed from the Ochada pearl tea, Kindori ice cream, Japanese buns from Loaf and our lunch at a Japanese restaurant 2 hours ago but the green tea bun was too alluring and stared at me. Being a green tea fan, how could I say NO to anything that is made with green tea? So I tried a bite and I immediately let out a "yUuuuuuuuuuM" when my teeth sank on the juicy beef burger. The beef burger was indeed delish! The green tea bun was a tad dry though. The seafood spaghetti (pic not taken) was also very good and was whacked in no time by my 3 spaghetti lovers.

Verdict : will definitely have a 2nd visit to Ginza Cafe! This time, we shall try the seafood green curry and tofu cheesecake. Soon, soon, we'll be there again!

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