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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

End Of Holidays, Yipee!

I can't believe that the 6 weeks of school holidays is OVER and I am actually looking forward to school-going days again LOL! Tomorrow Sherilyn will join her che che in the 'big girls' school'. God please help Sherilyn to be able to cope well, just like how Alycia did. Please help Sherilyn NOT to dilly dally as she has to be ready and be at the lobby at 6:30am for the van driver to pick her and her che che up. And pretty please dear God, help Sherilyn not to turn out to be the top 10 from the bottom in class in her exams. Help her to change over a new leaf and be a good girl. I like her boldness, her confidence and her gift of gab but I want her to be more serious in her studies and not yak yak yak in class. It's not helping that her best friend in kindy - Berlyn will sit next to her in class! I really hope they will remain BFF but not yakking too much while lessons are on-going as this will definitely take a toll on their studies.

From tomorrow onwards Alycia and Sherilyn will have to wake up by 5:45am to get ready, lest they are late. If 1 person is late, the whole van load of students will be late for school too! This means I have to be up first at 5:30am!! Jeez, after having the luxury to wake up at 6:45am - 7ish am during the school holidays, I have to adjust myself back to the old grind. But waking up early has its advantages too. I love running around my condo compound when it's still pitch black and breezy, before hitting the gym and by the time I reach home, it is not even 7:30am yet! Hopefully I can get some work done before Cass wakes up. I am not sending Cass to school yet, still trying to drag it to mid of this year, due to various reasons. Hopefully by God's grace, my baby girl's urinary tract will show some gross improvements. And hopefully she will not fall sick every single month like Alycia did 5 years ago, when she starts pre-school in June this year.

When we went up North during the school hols 2 weeks ago, I got a shock of my life when we were in the car. On our way to to Penang, I realized that my vain pot had smuggled her musical box, filled with all her vanity stuff in her Smurfette bag. Before the trip, I was too busy packing and clearing my work that I did not have the time to perform a spot check on her bag, like I used to. And more surprises unfolded later when I fished out an abacus and a whole bag of paraphernalia that she had taken from her room *cough and gasp*!!

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