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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hokkaido Mille Crepe Cake @ Tokyo Street, Pavillion KL

Lately, there has been a lot of hype on Mille Crepe cakes. This cake-like-dessert is actually French and the name originated from the many layers (hence Mille) of crepes and cream used to make it. My first try of Mille Crepe cake was at Food Foundry in Section 17, PJ. My hubs was addicted to this cake. At one point of time last year, he was so fanatic over the Mille Crepe cakes from Food Foundry that he would drive us to the cafe at 10pm to satiate his craving LOL!

While we were at Tokyo Street @ Pavillion last week, my Mille Crepe cake craze hubs bought 2 slices of Mille Crepe Cake from Arthur's Hokkaido Mille Crepe Cake.

Our green tea and original Mille Crepe Cake from Hokkaido Mille Crepe Cake.

Verdict : texture is softer than the ones sold at Food Foundry. The original one tastes almost the same as Food Foundry but texture is much softer. I love the green tea flavour. In fact, I love everything green tea, even my perfume is green tea scent :D
Best eaten immediately after it has been served, otherwise the cake will become so squashy that you cannot even lift it up with your fingers, like in our case where half the slice of cake was not eaten immediately and left in room temperature. It sort of 'disintegrated' and the mushy cake was just too yucky to be placed into my mouth.

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