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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mini Cyclone On 25 January 2012

A bizarre and freak 'mini cyclone' happened yesterday evening at around 7pm that lasted for almost an hour. During the mini cyclone, winds were howling and moving very very swiftly. The rain was very heavy too. From the 5th floor of our unit, we could see deck chairs and dust bins flying into the swimming pool. Big, tall trees that were once rooted majestically on the ground were swaying forcefully. Windows on our unit were vibrating very strongly and I really thought that some of the windows would be blown off the window frame when the strong winds were blowing. As usual, we could hear the eerie howling of the wind very loudly followed by the loud pelting of the rain on the windows. The bathroom windows were banging fiercely back and forth on the window frames. My 3 girls who recently watched a documentary on earth quake were screaming that an earth quake was coming! The wind and rain were so strong that we could not go out to the balcony to keep the clothes. But when clothes hanging began to fall off the rail and the umbrella clothes hanger was almost blown away, I had to go out to salvage the clothes. Our clothes needed to be washed again. Rain water was seeping into our kitchen windows through the small gaps. My helper and mil had to cover the gaps with lots of rags.

This morning when I went out to jog, I was shocked to see the entire neighborhood which was in a total mess! Many trees were uprooted, some fell onto cars and I saw a Proton Waja that was completely wrecked by fallen trees and a lamp post. The nearby shop houses and business centre looked like a post-tsunami hit area with fallen trees and lamp posts everywhere, mud was everywhere, the sight of the totally wrecked car added gravity to the storm that took place yesterday. When I reached the park, I was in for more shock. The entrance of the park was blocked by a very huge tree that had fallen but I managed to walk my way in. Inside the park, there were more fallen trees. The park looked like a jungle and devoid of people. I saw many residents snapping pictures of the post mini-cyclone sight. I overheard many people talking about how bad the storm was and joined in the conversation with the people whom I knew.

Did anyone experience the mini-cyclone yesterday?
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