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Monday, January 9, 2012

Room For Rent

When I first came to KL more than 20 years ago to study in a college, my mum sent me to stay in the hostel provided by the college. On the day I arrived in KL and saw the condition of the hostel, I almost wanted to run away! Gosh, it was in a pathetic condition. The bathrooms were filthy and never washed!! Being a clean freak, I volunteered to wash the bathroom. I almost wanted to puke when I scrubbed the toilet bowl and the bathroom floor. I could not sleep at night as students who stayed there were chatting loudly at night and some quarreling the whole night. I enlisted my then boyfriend’s help (now hubby) to find me another place to stay. I wanted to move away from the hostel as soon as possible! After a week, I moved out. My boyfriend found me a place to stay at his classmate’s friend’s house. It was not a choice room to rent. The owner was somebody’s mistress and I could not stand her young son who was a spoilt brat. The landlady was also very money-minded and calculative. Though the house was clean and neat, the bus-stop was located about 15-20 minutes’ walk away from the house. Each day I had to endure fear by walking past a quiet playground and some lonely alleys. Many times, I stumbled upon flashers and perverts during my walk to and fro the bus stop. Again, all these prompted me to hunt for another room to rent. But the mission was not easy as I had many conditions, mainly the price, the location and condition of the house and who the landlord / landlady is. So I stayed in the current place for 6 years and endured many frightful moments before a watershed incident in 1996. As I was walking to the bus stop from my rented room one morning, my handbag was snatched by a motorcyclist. I took it as a sign from God that I should move out as soon as possible.

I then rented a house in a new neighborhood and sub-rented the rooms. The first time I was brought to this neighborhood by my then boyfriend, I fell in love with it instantly. I wanted to live there forever and yes, I am still living in this neighborhood now but we moved out from the rented house and now have our own condo.

Finding a room for rent these days is so easy. We do not have to go to 7-11 shops to check out room to let ads or drive round neighborhoods to find rooms. Websites like ibilik.my – Malaysia’s largest room database is god-sent. You can sieve through rooms for rental at the click of your mouse at the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for a room to rent either for yourself, for your girlfriend or boyfriend, do check out the link provided above.

Public taxis with the ibilik.my ads. Finding a room to rent now is just so easy!

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