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Thursday, February 2, 2012

3kg of Weight Gain For 3 Babies

The CNY snacking and binging continues. It does not help that mil is around and she cooks such nice dishes every night! I find that keeping dinner the lightest meal of the day very effective in keeping weight gain at bay but how can I resist all those mouth watering dishes that she whips up every night? Braised nga koo (arrow roots) with pork, fried fish, braised pork ribs, braised Hakka pork, pork knuckles, etc... I doubt anyone can turn their head away from these dishes. I still indulge in them but take half the portion. Instead of gorging on 4 pieces of pork ribs, I only take 2 pieces, 1 spoonful of nga koo instead of 1 heapful. I stuff myself full with lots of green veggie, soup and lime or lemon juice after dinner. Rice is a NO NO, albeit she only cooks multi-grain rice mixed with Ponni rice (carb reduced).

Good thing I do not have to rush home to prepare Sherilyn for pre-school every morning now. I can work out longer on the road and in the gym. Even with an extra 15 minutes of work out now, I can only maintain my pre-CNY weight. Absolutely no movement on the scale's needle to the left. Heck, I find that as I age, my metabolic rate slows down and stamina decreases too. My weight is still hovering at 45kg. My pre-Cassandra's weight was 44kg, pre-Sherilyn's weight was 43kg and pre-Alycia's weight was 42kg. A gain of 3kg (1kg each for 1 baby) for 3 miracles is all worth it, still!
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