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Monday, November 5, 2012

A Match Made In Heaven

Do you believe in a marriage made in heaven with a life that is as blissful and as perfect as in fairy tales?  I never believed that it can happen in real life until I saw this happening to my close friend. She was 30 and he was only 28 but they were madly in love. The boy’s family did not quite like the girl. What else? The boy's old folks’ old school of thought that a wife cannot be older than her husband. But they got married anyway.  That was 10 years ago and their marriage is still as strong as ever now. The wedding was like a fairy tale. They both had unique wedding rings and she had a big bling bling diamond ring too! She was and is still a very beautiful lady, though she has doubled up in size now.  Never mind, her man still finds her the most beautiful woman ever. They have 2 beautiful kids and have now migrated to a neighboring country to expand their business. Talk about luck, guardian angels and shining stars, they have them all and their business is soaring up until today. A perfect marriage plus a very successful business that is generating big bucks.   What more can they ask for?  This pair must have been made in heaven!

If you are wondering what unique wedding rings or unique wedding bands are,  they are rings designed and hand-braided!  I know handwovenbands.com has a very talented artist named Todd Alan who makes unique wedding bands. Each ring is made one at a time as they are ordered and they are braided - which is something that most other jewelry artists do not do. If you are interested, do hop over to http://handwovenbands.com/. They have a free 30-day risk free return policy, secure online ordering options and all the bands are made from the finest materials.


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