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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Junkie Sunday

Sunday is a day where we eat out the whole day. It is a day of junk for us. After our outing at Pavillion on Sunday last week, we took away some snacks for dinner.

Our dinner on Sunday last week...
Egg bread from Lavender, fish balls from New Shanghai dim sum restaurant, colorful sandwiches, Hokkaido crepe cakes, cream puffs and Japanese buns from The Loaf.

Charcoal bread and beet root bread sandwiches and my favorite Japanese buns from The Loaf.

But my fan thoong (rice bucket) Alycia did not feel satiated after eating all these snacks. She wanted rice with chicken and fish and kept fantasizing about rice for hours after dinner that night! It's always not easy to please 3 girls who have different preferences, SIGH!!
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