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Friday, November 9, 2012

Loving My Melaleuca Products!

I received my second batch of Melaleuca products and am loving them !  Now that I am the maid of the house and am constantly in contact with detergents and cleaners, I do not mind investing in products that do not contain harsh chemicals and are environmentally friendly.  Melaleuca's range of shampoos and body shampoos are free from SLS (sodium laureth sulfate - which can cause cancer) and paraben.

Renew Intensive Skin Therapy is by far the best dry skin relief cream that I have tried.  My cracked heels and extremely dry sole of feet are improving by the day after applying Renew.  I just need to keep my itchy hands off peeling the dry skin though as pricking and peeling will aggravate the problem!

The mouth rinse and tooth polish contain melaleuca oil (tea tree oil) and I bought them with the hubs in mind as he is very prone to getting ulcers in his mouth. Hopefully after using these, those nasty mouth ulcers will be kept at bay.
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