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Friday, November 2, 2012

More Home-cooked Dishes Pix

Here are more home-cooked dishes pix to replace 'words posts'.  Brain feeling a tad void (blame it on the darn PMS!) and time is not on my side the past few days, thus only pix... just to let readers know that this blog is still very much alive :D

That's our dinner on 22 Oct 2012...

My favorite jai choi dish (vegetarian dish) cooked with fermented tofu and glass noodles, blanched organic greens...

my favorite turmeric chicken cooked with organic Thai lemon grass and sliced organic Japanese pumpkin cooked with pork slices.  My girls never really liked pumpkin cooked  mashed or mushy but when cooked this style, this dish was all polished off. 

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