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Monday, November 12, 2012

My Pet Dogs

I had 2 pet dogs when I was a teenage girl. The first one, named Ricky was slightly over 1 year old when it was run over by a school bus when my brother left the gate opened. I was devastated and locked myself in my room to cry my eyes out for 2 days.   I was thirteen.  Ricky was euthanized as the pet told us that its ribs were crushed. I remember that I begged my daddy to bring me to the vet after swimming class to say my last good-bye to Ricky. I was controlling so hard not to weep out loud when I turned my back on Ricky to walk out of the vet’s clinic. Ricky was resting in the cage. He was staring at me with tears in its eyes. I will never forget that moment. 

My second pet dog was named Spotty as it had light brown spots all over its body. My hubby (then only friend – my brother’s classmate actually) gave me Spotty. It was a Spitz mixed with Mongrel.  Spotty was a ball of cutie when it was a puppy.  He was my source of joy and my playmate every evening.  I would walk Spotty round the neighborhood to let him release himself.  Those days, our pet dogs ate what we ate and they ate lots of bones, except for fish bones.  Dog food was not very popular about 20 over years ago.  These days, dog owners would cringe at the thought of their beloved pet dog eating left over food and bones, fearing that their precious dog would choke or would have watery stools.  Pet owners these days even join pet forums to mingle with fellow pet owners to discuss about their pets.  In those days, forums were hardly heard of, much less pet forums.  Though he was never fed with dog food, never really received any jabs for dogs, save for some Vitamins when he was showing signs of aging, Spotty was as healthy and strong as a tiger. He lived till a ripe old age of 12 human years and died of old age in the vet.  When he died, my mum called me on the phone to break me the sad news.  I cried for a day. I was very disappointed that I did not make it back to Ipoh on time to say my last good-bye and give a last hug to my beloved Spotty – the dog that had brought me so much joy throughout my teenage years.
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