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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Princess Wannabe In A Gown

We spent the whole afternoon shopping at Jusco in Ipoh yesterday. Nothing beats stress better for me than retail therapy. Funnily, spending money can be really therapeutic for me but the guilt trap can never escape after the adrenalin rush dissipates very much later LOL! The guilt is even more corrosive when the credit card bill comes the next month!!  That's why I never like to swipe my credit cards. Anyway, I bought nothing for myself yesterday but spent a few hundred bucks on my 3 precious.

When I saw Sherilyn in this ankle-length pink beaded gown yesterday, the first character that came up my mind was Cinderella!  She looked really sweet in this gown and was begging me to have it. BUT I did not give in as the main reason was the beads. Being in the apparel line of business, I have seen too many incidents where the string holding the beads snapped and all the beads dropped right in front of me. That's 100% wipe-off and no customer would want a defective dress and it is also not salvageable at all, so I had to say no to my princess wannabe and got her 2 other dresses instead.   Ever since kakak left, I have been buying only clothes that are washing-machine friendly. Strictly no 'hand-wash only' clothes haha!

Perhaps I should enlarge this pic and frame it up in Sherilyn's room. This will be her motivation to study hard and work hard so that she gets to buy a gown with her own money when she grows up! :D
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