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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sol-U-Mel From Melaleuca

During the school holidays, I am even busier than school-going days.  When the girls get bored, they turn mischievous and the tricks from under their sleeves would be unveiled, one by one... like rascal #2 would be doing water color painting inside her bedroom on the WHITE table without lining the table with newspapers or cloth,  thus splattering paints everywhere!!  Next up after reprimanding her, she would wash the palette and paint brushes in the bathroom sink which I have just washed and causing more paint splattering everywhere on the sink, bathroom top and floor... then with her dirty hands, she would put the toilet seat down and pee and then more paint marks on the toilet seat, aaaargh!!!  

Here, I don't know which rascal spilled some glue on the white table top. It must be rascal no. 2 coz after reprimanding the girls, she took a magic sponge to try to remove the stain on the table but to no avail... instead caused a big puddle of water on the table. Then I remembered I have just bought Sol-U-Mel from Melaleuca. I dabbed a little of concentrated Sol-U-Mel onto a piece of tissue paper and as I scrubbed the table, I saw the glue vanished!  Indeed a miracle household helper for health and clean freaks like yours truly!

 Before Sol-U-Mel...

After Sol-U-Mel... a squeaky clean white table again!

You can use Sol-U-Mel full strength to remove:
Gum in hair
Permanent Marker
Road Tar
Tree Sap
Paint and fingernail polish
Pet stains
Oil Glues
Ink and crayon

You can also use diluted Sol-U-Mel to eliminate unwanted smells:
Deodorize garbage cans
Eliminate moldy odors
Freshen the bathroom
Remove smoke or pet odor from air and furniture

The secret behind Sol-U-Mel’s power is Melaleuca Oil. In fact, full-strength Sol-U-Mel contains 10% Melaleuca Oil (tea tree oil), more than any other cleaning product.

Many common household cleaners can contain ammonia, chlorine bleach, and other known offenders. Sol-U-Mel contains no ammonia, chlorine bleach, and is made from natural biodegradable ingredients. It is a must-have item in a house with kids!

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