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Saturday, November 17, 2012

TMJ Disorder

I learned to never take simple things in life for granted when Cass was lying in the hospital for 3 weeks after 2 major surgeries. I did not know whether she would be healed and whether she was going to make it. Her condition remained bad even after the first surgery. Only God knew how hopeless I felt. Though she had x-rays, a CT scan and a few other invasive scans done, the results were not conclusive to find out why she just could not poo, could not let out gas, she threw up after eating and drinking (even a few drops of water made her threw up green stuff!) and her tummy was growing bigger by the day, like a balloon about to explode. We were all hanging on tenterhooks in the hospital after the first surgery, which led to a complication. I prayed to God to help Cass fart and poo and for the surgeon to be able to find out what was wrong with her. Yes, simple things like farting and pooing mattered SO MUCH to me in May of 2009. Words cannot express how thankful and happy I was when I finally heard my baby girl let out a long fart after the second surgery. And the poop that came after the surgery… which was like gold to me!

Even being able to eat and let out a yawn without feeling pain is taken for granted by most of us. For those suffering from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), having a pleasant meal without wincing when they chew is something that they can only dream of.  If you or anyone whom you know of suffers from pain each time they chew or open their mouth wide, they may be suffering from TMJ. Please do visit a dentist like the Abbotsford TMJ dentist for further investigation and treatment.
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