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Thursday, February 14, 2013

2013 Valentines Day

This Valentines Day is just another regular day for us. No surprises from the hubs this year but just a lovely blueberry cake from Mori. Well, I don't mind as I think that it ain't worth to spend a hundred ringgit on a small bouquet of flowers or a few hundred bucks on a candle light dinner. He got me a bouquet of expensive flowers last year and actually I wasn't too happy about it as I am not one who appreciates flowers and I think that it is such a waste of money.  Yep, I'm a pretty down to earth and practical person. These things can be given to me on other days :)

In another 1.5 days, there will be another cake, this time to celebrate Sherilyn's 8th birthday. And in another month, another cake to celebrate my big birthday. And the following month, will be Cassandra's birthday, May will be Mother's Day and June will be Father's Day, wooooot, the girls will be beaming as they will have big cakes to eat every month!

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day? Any fancy schmancy celebration and bling bling gifts from your darling? :P

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