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Monday, February 25, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness

The 20-minute car ride to Ikea yesterday had brought me walking down memory lane. As I was in the car gazing at my adorable Cass who kept giving me her sweet smile, I remembered our many long trips in the car 4 years ago. When Cass was not even a year old, most of our car rides were to the many different hospitals. The hubs and I had brought her from one hospital to another to consult the best nephrologists and pediatric surgeons to save her life. I looked at my now Cass and compared her to the then frail baby Cass and reflected on the manifold bitter events we had gone through together. During the car ride yesterday, I recalled so vividly our many frightful and hellish moments in hospitals together. I had gone through too many tears and fears with this little tough cookie of mine. She is indeed a fighter!

I remember one of our eventful procedures at a private hospital here where I had to bring Cass to the Cancer and Radiation Centre. Cass had to go through an MCUG procedure that involves sedating her. Some radiated dye had to be injected into her body from the veins on her hand and from her down under. While I was hanging on tenterhooks waiting for the result of the scan at the Cancer centre (which broke my heart into a zillion pieces when I read the report), I saw a woman in her mid forties. She was bald and was shopping for prosthetics breasts and some special bras in a shop at the Cancer Centre that sells such specialties. I could only guess that she is a  breast cancer patient and had both her breasts  removed. Her family consisting of her husband and children were waiting for her outside the shop and they all looked gloomy. I really felt for her and her family and I prayed silently for the woman and prayed that this will never befall me or my loved ones.

Breast cancer awareness is of vital importance because it may save your life or the life of someone dear to you. I have a free mammogram voucher that hubs got from a client and I must allocate some time to use this voucher soon.
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