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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Exercising In Pre-Dawn Darkness

My early morning jog is very important to me.  No matter how busy and tired I may be, I try to avail myself to  jog round our condo compound where there is lush greenery, after sending Alycia and Sherilyn off for school. I love the peace, serenity and quietness before dawn, where the skies are still dark, the air still crisp, fresh and cooling. When I jog in darkness, where the street lights are the only light breaking through the pre-dawn darkness, I get absolute peace of mind. That is the time I do all my thinking, soul-searching and problem-solving!  However, when the sun breaks through the darkness and I feel the heat from the sun, I no longer have the mood and inspiration to jog anymore. 

I spoke to one avid morning swimmer yesterday who lives in the same block as us.  She is a busy working mum who only has time to exercise in the wee hours of the morning,. She also loves to work out in the pre-dawn darkness but she swims at the pool of our condo... and she has the same sentiments as I do!  I guess most busy working mothers need some quietness and ME time, away from the kids everyday to release all our stress... through exercising!

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