Health Freak Mommy: Our 2nd Day of The Snake Year, 2013


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Monday, February 11, 2013

Our 2nd Day of The Snake Year, 2013

The hubs had wanted to bring us to Yeast, a new eatery located a few doors away from Antipodean @ Bangsar but it was closed. So we had no choice but to go to Antipodean again. Though we love the food at Antipodean, we were however pretty bored with the food as we have been there too many times and eating the same food. We wanted to try something new.  Nonetheless, we still enjoyed our breakfast at Antipodean today.

For lunch, we finished off the vegetarian dish that the mil cooked yesterday and also ate our favorite roast chicken that we bought from Jason's Grocers at BSC today.We are off to hubs' uncle's house for our dinner tonight. I guess there will be more meat dishes tonight, *HICK*  I MUST continue to work out extra hard tomorrow morning as I have been binging on a lot on CNY snacks and on the highly fattening nin goa (kuih bakul) coated with grated coconut *double fattening* ! I am so sure I am going to gain back the 1kg that I'd lost after these 2 weeks of inevitable feast on meat and carbs.  Never mind, eat first diet later teehehehe...

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