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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sticky Baby

Though Cass now sleeps in a different bedroom with us, she still has a tendency of knocking on our room door at ungodly hours... sobbing and telling me that she's had a bad dream. Whenever this happens, she'll get to be sandwiched between daddy and mummy. Actually I do miss having her sleep next to me. I've had her sleeping under my armpit for 3 years when she was still on breast milk. And Cass misses sleeping with us and snuggling closely to us too, smelling daddy and mummy. But having a 16kg baby sleep next to us can be pretty uncomfortable as she sleeps like the clock's hands. She moves 360 degrees round the bed and at times kicks us on our face and other parts of our bodies. Sometimes she takes half the king-size bed, pushing hubs and me to the edge of the bed, like this...

But I am not really fussing about it for I know that very soon, this sticky baby will no longer want to stick with us anymore *sobs*
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