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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Serpents Scared The Sh*t Out Of Me This Morning!

I got a major scare of my life the first thing when I woke up at 5:15am this morning as I was being greeted by 3 slimy ssssssssssssssnakes !

Hubs was the culprit who scared the sh*t out of me. He placed these 3 creepy crawlies on top of the cupboard beneath the light switches and these switches are the first thing that I touch when I wake up at 5:15am every morning. The moment the light was turned on, I almost jumped out of my nightie when I saw these creepy serpents just under my arm as I thought they were real coz they do look real, LOL!!

The snakes were the newest addition to the hubs' collection of decor and he had just used them for a client's CNY open house function last night.

And this cheeky mummy placed the 3 snakes on the dining table just to see how Alycia and Sherilyn would react... and also to wake them up totally but my 2 dare devils had almost zilch reaction when they saw the snakes! I guess I am getting old!

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