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Monday, February 18, 2013

Vitamins And Antioxidant Enriched Toilet Papers For Your Butt!

When I was shopping at Jaya Grocer at Jaya 33 last week, some 5-star quality looking toilet papers caught my eyes.

The Renova toilet papers series come in green -- my favorite green tea color  and another series have different cartoon sketches and algebra motifs printed on every piece of paper. Awesome!

And some of the Renova toilet papers are Vitamin C and E enriched with added antioxidant agents! Oh my, this toilet paper series are out of the world and perhaps fitting for a king and queen!

I was really tempted to get a pack of the Citrus Fresh Vitamins and Antioxidants enriched toilet papers out of curiosity, as the price for a pack is only RM8.90, which is pretty affordable.  But on second thoughts, I abandoned my idea. I was just wondering what I should do with the toilet papers. I don't need vitamins and antioxidant enriched papers to wipe my butt after my business as I rather wash it clean :D

But as I am typing this post, I am stirred by my intense curiosity again. The next time I shop at Jaya Grocer, I will definitely get a pack of the Renova Citrus Fresh toilet papers just for opening our eyes! And I ain't going to wipe my butt and my daughters' butt with it. It will be for the dining table to wipe our mouths lol!

Would you get them?

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