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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Employee Wellness Programs

To help encourage mental, physical and emotional health, employee wellness programs are being created and have grown in popularity. These programs are designed to assist employees who want to lose weight, manage stress, quit smoking and begin living healthier lives. A great sign of a successful wellness program is measuring how well the program changes employees’ negative habits and creates healthier habits.

In most cases, senior management teams identify a committee to manage their wellness program for employees. Committee members can supervise others who cover specific areas of the wellness program such as physical fitness, vision, medical and employee assistance programs.

Oftentimes, third-party vendors provide special guidance to upper-level management and committees for employee wellness programs to help build a strong on-site program. These programs offer support for those businesses hoping to create their own on-site employee wellness programs. These wellness programs are designed to ensure that the physical well-being of the employee is taken care of as well as benefiting the employer at the same time. The benefit to the employer is a reduction in absenteeism for sickness related reasons. The company will also benefit by having reduced medical costs and healthier employees.

If you are interested in implementing a program, learn more about employee wellness programs at IncentaHealth.com.
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