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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Trip Back To The Land Of Smooth Tofu

We left KL to head to Ipoh on Thursday, 8 August 2013. About 20 minutes into our journey, we saw a darn massive traffic jam ahead of us, near the Sg. Buloh overhead bridge. After getting stuck there for about 20 minutes, the hubs and I were on the verge of making a U-turn to return to KL and only leave KL the next day.  It was a double holiday here in Malaysia, where the Hari Raya holiday coincided with the school holiday.  We would normally stay put in KL during such times but we had a mission in Ipoh, which was to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday.

But the kids were disappointed upon hearing that we may only go to Ipoh the next day, so we moved on. The traffic eased up a little, later... and then at certain stretches, traffic was heavy again.  Overall, the traffic was not that horrendous and we took 3 hours to reach Ipoh vs. 2 hours on regular days.

Pictures taken on Thursday, 8 August 2013

To quench thirst, we snacked on some fruits and cucumbers and refrained from drinking water throughout the 3-hour journey.  No one wanted to queue up for half an hour just to inch our way into the rest and relax area and then queue up for another half an hour to pee... and then inch our way out into the highway again!  


And the picture below was taken today...

We left Ipoh for KL at 9:30am and reached KL at about 12:30pm.  Traffic was heavy at a few stretches on the highway and overall, it was quite a smooth ride, albeit there were many vehicles.  It also poured quite heavily throughout our journey.

Photo: Otw bk fr ipoh to kl. Heavy rain n traffic flow is quite smooth though heavy at certain stretches.

I am still amazed and thankful that my girls can read a book in the car without feeling a wee bit queasy, unlike me, who would definitely have my entire day spoiled from having severe bouts of nauseousness if I were to spend just 15 minutes reading in a moving car, dang it!

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