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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Would You Do If You Were Me?

Today, Sherilyn came home from school looking very down. When we were inside the lift, she told me this "mummy, someone wore my shoes after library today. I had no shoes to wear, so I had to wear someone's shoes" and then pointed to the over-sized white canvass shoes that she was wearing.  I told her that she should not have worn shoes that did not belong to her but should have reported the matter to the teacher in-charged in the library, to which she told me that the teacher in charged in the library was not around. So she just picked a pair of shoes to wear as they were about to go home.

Moments later, Sherilyn told me angrily that she hated the pair of over-sized shoes as they were loose on her feet.  I told her that since someone had worn her shoes and she has taken another person's shoes, she will have to wear that pair of shoes now. It will not be practical for me to drive all the way to her school to report to the teacher in charged of the library about this incident.  I had just bought her an extra pair of school shoes on Sunday and I told her that I will not buy her another pair of shoes again.  She then broke down and ran into the house, throwing tantrums and hurling replies to me saying that she will NOT wear that pair of big shoes that are not hers. She wanted me to buy her another pair of spare shoes, again!  She refused to eat her lunch and only ate when I gave her an ultimatum to finish her lunch by 3pm, failing which she will face the music.

As a responsible and sensible mother, what should I do now?

1) Do I go to school and report this incident to the teacher in charged of the library? I will definitely cause a big hoopla when the teacher calls all the students that were in the library today and asks Sherilyn to look for her pair of shoes.  For all I know, the student who accidentally wore Sherilyn's shoes would have left the pair of shoes at home and wore another pair of shoes.

2) Take the easy way out - buy her another pair of shoes and throw away the over-sized shoes that are not hers?  But I will be sending her a wrong signal... that if she loses things, mummy will buy her a new one. No way!

3) Force her to wear the over-sized shoes and get her to ask around and to hunt for her own shoes tomorrow and for the next few days? 

4) Leave her with only 1 pair of shoes and let her take accountability over her own actions. If that sole pair of shoes are not dried on time for school on Monday, she will have to wear semi-wet shoes to school.

What would you do if you were me?

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