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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

While Waiting...

For the past few days, I had to chauffeur the MIL around to run errands before she flies off tomorrow. She helps me and I help her. There is team work in our house haha!  For the past few days too, the mil has been cooking and baking big portions of dishes and bread for deep freezing. That will be our 'ration' on days when I am too busy or lazy to do anything.

To save time, I cut up some fruits for Cass to eat in the car while we wait for her grandma to do banking yesterday. While Cass ate and read, I was busy Facebooking and replying to emails on my phone.

In the picture below, Cass was munching on some sweet and crunchy Envy apples while 'reading' her Alycia che che's comic book. With food and a good book, this rascal will sit still in the car, else she would be jumping up and down the car restlessly with her itchy hands pressing on every single button that she sees while we wait for grandma while whining and telling me that "I AM SO BORED!".

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