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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chicken Adobo For Dinner Again

Since I still have a pot of leftover sauce for Chicken Adobo (a Filipino chicken dish that uses Apple Cider Vinegar) in the fridge, I made Chicken Adobo again yesterday. This time, I used chicken drumsticks and chicken wings.

Of all the dishes that I had recently cooked, this dish has got to be the girls' top favorite dish.

From the time the dish was placed on the dining table until the time the dish was all polished off in a jiffy, my girls could not stop telling me how delish the dish was!! :D :D

The way to Alycia's heart is definitely through delish food. Her smiles were all over her  and  she was in a very cheery mood during dinner yesterday. And she kept saying "this is the best grub ever!!", "this grub is so delish and awesome!!"  

Cass and Sherilyn followed suit with praises of "mummy, this chicken is REMARKABLE!"  and "this is the BEST EVER!"

Now, being buttered with such flattery compliments from Alycia, my fussiest and most critical daughter, this chicken dish must be damn good! 

Sorry, I did not manage to snap a picture of the dish yesterday as the 3 rascals could not wait to grab their share of chicken the moment the tray of chicken was placed on the dining table. And what was left for moi was only 1 miserable piece of tiny chicken wing!  To look at the brighter side, it is rewarding to have hungry and greedy kids as they eat your share and you don't have to eat that much, thus you remain svelte :D

There is still some sauce left in the fridge and very soon, I'll dish this up again.  This is one of the easiest chicken dish to prepare. I promise you, it is oil-splatter free and mess-free.  Busy me won't cook anything that involves splish splash of oil, lots of preparation and lots of scrubbing.  Go to my other blog to read up the recipe ya!

Chick adobo 9 Dec 2013
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