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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lunch At The Magic Wok Restaurant @ Damansara Jaya

Cass went for her 4th electromagnetic accupuncture session today. There was no drama from her as usual and the Master praised her sky high again for being such a brave girl.

After the session, hubs drove around Damansara Jaya to find something to eat for lunch. Finding a place to park at Damansara Jaya during lunch time is always something that we hate. Finally after driving around for more than 15 minutes, the hubs found a nice place to park his car. We got down the car and walked  along the corridor of the eateries to see what looked interesting to eat and spotted the menu outside The Magic Wok Chinese restaurant.  The pictures of the dishes stirred and excited our appetite and we all agreed on The Magic Wok.

Sorry, there are no pictures taken of the food today. Why?  Honestly, the facade of this restaurant did not really look like it was some kind of restaurants that serve good food but we were wrong. This unassuming restaurant serves really good Chinese food. The toilet are clean too. I would give a rating of 8/10 for the taste and quality of the food and pricing a rating of 8/10.  In fact, I think the taste and quality of the food are comparable with up scale Chinese restaurants.  The foodie hubs was very satisfied with the food and as usual, he added a few more dishes when we were already almost finishing our lunch!

The black sesame filled glutinous rice balls in ginger tong sui was very good and has the standard of those served at fine dine Chinese restaurants.

We will definitely be returning to The Magic Wok to try out new dishes in their menu.

magic wok 4 dec 2013

Check out Cass in the picture - she was looking sulky and refused to smile as she was in a foul mood.  She forgot to bring her water tumbler down the car and refused to drink the plain water that I ordered from the restaurant.  This rascal has a queer habit of refusing to drink from cups that are not hers.  Whether the cups are from a glitzy restaurant or a friend's house, she just won't let her lips touch the cup! Grrrrr, that's a very bad OCD to have!
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