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Monday, December 2, 2013

Ramen Ten Japanese Restaurant @ Jaya 33, PJ

Yesterday we went to Ramen Ten @ Jaya 33 for lunch as I was craving for Japanese food. Yeah, Japanese food again.  I must have been bitten by the Japanese food love bug. I do not seem to get enough of Japanese food of late.  Seriously, I really do not mind having Japanese food every single day!  Well, it may be partly psychological as my brain tells me that raw fish is almost fat free and grilled fish is tasty yet low in calories and low in carbs.  Most of all, I love the taste of Japanese dishes.  Suddenly, I have lost some interest in Chinese food and Western food. It seems like Japanese food is now my new found love!  I must have been a Japanese mamasan in my past life haha!

Yesterday was the second time we had lunch at the newly opened Ramen Ten @ Jaya 33.  The first time we had lunch at this restaurant was about a month ago.  The girls and I were totally smitten with the Ramen noodles - the broth had the 'oomph' factor and the noodles were springy.  We were very happy that we found another Japanese restaurant that serves reasonably priced and good food. That gives us another alternative besides Zanmai Sushi, which is perpetually full to the brim.

The pictures in this post were taken on 2 occasions when we lunched at Ramen Ten. I have procrastinated blogging about this restaurant as I find posts on food review and restaurants very time consuming and tedious. I need to get the facts correct and I cannot be overly critical and negative about a restaurant, lest I land myself in a pot of hot soup like what happened to a blogger (or was it Facebooker?) recently for writing false and defaming information about a mamak restaurant. Anyway, if the food at a shop is below my expectations, I will not blog about it.

 ramenten 3

Kyu Dragon roll has always been our all-time favorite maki.  We love the combo of soft-shell crab, avocado, seaweed and mayo all rolled up into a very flavorful sticky sweet rice ball.

The tofu salad with unagi was also good.

ramenten 6

ramenten 7

Sukiyaki with salmon, an assortment of fresh mushrooms, tofu and veggies.  The soup was a tad bland - not salty and quite natural. It would be perfect for those who want something that is soupy, low in fat, not oily, not salty and almost free from MSG.

ramenten 5

Grilled mackeral fish, an assortment of sushi and Japanese salad.  The raw fish salad was what I ordered yesterday. I love the salad dressing that came with it. The next time I lunch there, I must get the name of the sauce and get myself a bottle.

ramenten 2

Our favorite bowl of chicken teriyaki zaru with volcano eggs.

ramenten 1

Ramen Ten is opened side-by-side Shin Tokyo and they are sister restaurants. Patrons can opt to sit at either outlet and order from both sides to enjoy the sushi from Shin Tokyo and ramen from Ramen Ten. Both restaurants are brands from Singapore.

Shin Tokyo Sushi & Ramen Ten are located at:
Ground Floor, Jaya 33
Petaling Jaya.

And as always, after a good lunch at Jaya 33, I went grocery shopping at Jaya Grocer.

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