Health Freak Mommy: Singapore Trip Pictures (16 Decenber 2013)


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Friday, December 27, 2013

Singapore Trip Pictures (16 Decenber 2013)

The residential area  that we stayed at in Marina Cove @ Sentosa Island  during our stay in Singapore at our friend's house reminds me very much of Beverly Hills in the US.  The bungalows are built just next to the sea.  The majority of the residents are Caucasians and some of the eye-catching, excessively and fancifully designed units are owned by Malaysian, China and Hongkie tycoons.  Even cars parked at the front porch can be transported to the basement at the touch of a button, just like an elevator!  Every unit of bungalow has a private pool. And almost every owner has a private buggy parked at their porch. Maids walking very well-fed and well-groomed pedigree dogs throughout the day is a common sight. Even the maids look very well-fed and dressed.

Cass, Alycia and I went for a morning walk by the beach on the last day of our stay in Singapore. As I was walking past these mansions and admiring them, I knew that the hubs and I would never for the life of us be able to own one unit. Not even a unit of the apartments there. At least, not in this life of ours haha!

Spore house5  

Spore house4  

Spore house3

  Spore house2

    Spore house1  

I wonder who on this earth owns the below unit...



Are you drooling already over these mansions? :P
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